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In the film Funny Girl, it was abundantly apparent that Florenz Ziegfield
We meet Gail Stanton in her hotel room. She is wearing a blue-satin bathrobe and she smells like jasmine. We ask her what folks do these days down in her home town, Memphis, Tennessee. Same as usual, she deadpans.…
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Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you hot-cha-cha? asks the Hollywood producer in a vintage comedy routine. We can
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I was in a scene at the very end of Logan
"Her name is pronounced Veer-va and means, roughly - but then, everything translates roughly from Estonian - ""reflections of sunlight on the water,"" and June Playmate Virve Reid is as refreshing as her n…"
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Two hirsute retro lesbian hippies doing it
Before Playboy discovered Terri Welles, her domain was seats 10A to 20D on a United Airlines plane. The former flight attendant had a good gig, but as anyone who received coffee from the gorgeous woman could see, she…
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Michele Drake stands near the shore line of Venice Beach in California, her faded jeans rolled up to her knees, her long blonde hair rising gently with the breeze, her bright-red Hawaiian shirt fluttering against her…
HALLELUJAH, THE HILLS   our november playmate takes off on her annual highland fling     Our November Playmate, Kai Brendlinger, displays none of the customary feminine indecision when it comes to choosing the proper…
Playboy Plus is on set with Elaine Paul to shoot her exclusive pictorial. Get to know more about Elaine Paul by watching our behind the scenes footage and the complete nude version available exclusively on Playboy Pl…
Several ladies from the 1920s showing their natural body
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I am well educated, I am a feminist and I don
"Bebe Buell had just come to New York from the South and had met a young man who owned a recording studio. ""He must have thought I was great,"" she recalls. ""He hung photographs of me all over his studio."" And everyone…"
MEMBER OF THE WEDDING  photographer Bill Figge went out to cover a middle-aisling, wound up uncovering our November Playmate among the bridesmaids     The shootings of weddings and graduations, bar mitzvahs, et al.,…
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SUNSHINE  SUPERGIRL  November Playmate Kaya Christian
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Nude Teen Pics - Vintage Pictures
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A TOAST TO MELBA   our versatile July Playmate is an improbable amalgam of mannequin and meatcutter     When we were first told that we could find a potential Playmate working as a meatcutter behind the counter of a…
Four eighties bowlers going dirty on the lane
Several shots of real eighties couples fucking each other
GOLDEN GIRL   a luscious California lass becomes our valentine Playmate     The best antidote we know for February
To the bird watchers of San Francisco, Jennifer Liano is that rara avis: a native. Born to royalty (her grandfather was an Italian count), she regards her fiefdom of cable cars and Victorian houses with affect…
COMMAND PERFORMANCE  a near Miss makes a curvy comeback   Playboy readers are a strongly partisan bunch, quick to tell us when they like something -- or when they don
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I don
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At one point during our recent conversation with Marianne Gravatte, she whipped out a comb, ran it through her sunny locks, then braided them into a pigtail at the nape of her neck. She added a spangle from her purse…
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Some people can make you happy by just being around them. Lynda Wiesmeier is one of those people. And don
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An ambitious actress with a bushel of blonde locks, it
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When Devin Reneé DeVasquez first visited Chicago, in September 1983, people who saw her asked, Who is that pretty young girl? Now they ask, Who is that beautiful young woman? We seldom get to watch a Playmate gro…
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Fantasies? Oh, I have lots of fantasies. Kimberly Evenson mentally inventoried her store of daydreams, searching for one that might not be too revealing. One of my favorites is being out in nature, feeling really…
Sondra Theodore
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Nude Teen Pics - Vintage Pictures
Behind every successful monster, there
DATE WITH A PLAYMATE  our Vegas girl turns up as Miss February   Last summer, June to be exact, we ran a picture story about a girl on a date in Las Vegas. The girl, Sally Todd, was an exceptionally fetching citizen…
Playboy Plus is on set with Dona Speir to shoot her exclusive pictorial. Get to know more about Dona Speir by watching our behind the scenes footage and the complete nude version available exclusively on Playboy Plus…
Vancouver, British Columbia. Pacific seaport. Canada
It’s that time again—A pictorial portfolio of international cottontails…
Minis: the ultimate treat for men. From January 1988.…
Clothes are a pain, says 21-year-old Playmate Alesha Marie Oreskovich, who graces this month
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Go figure. The girl spends her entire life growing up in Lexington -- the fertile crescent of the U.S. Thoroughbred horse market. Her father is in the horse business. Her boyfriend is in the horse business. She has b…
Laura Lyons is not your run-of-the-hutch Bunny. Nor is she, as of this month, your average tripartite Playmate. Miss February simply refuses to be folded into neat categories. The last time she accepted the official…
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If Danielle de Vabre ever becomes an author, as she hopes to eventually, it
Petite seventies girl enjoys a big stiff cock
Visiting Chicago with a friend, Ruth stopped by the Playboy Model Agency to drop off her modeling portfolio. Recalling that magical visit in her Playmate Data Sheet she wrote, “I was sent to see Pompeo Posar and shor…
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Centerfolds have sparked a lot of useful alpha waves in the past 45 years or so -- intense and invaluable relationships have grown between viewer and viewee. Of course, your favorite Centerfold will not be mine…
A couple of years ago, Marilyn Lange (it rhymes with tang) was back in her native New Jersey and going to secretarial school. Pretty blah. Then, on a whim, she went to Hawaii - via a tour - and stopped at Waikiki, wh…
UNMELANCHOLY DANE  Playmate-bunny Surrey Marshe is Scandinavia
Fresh out of high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 18-year-old ex-cheerleader Laura Misch was confronted with that same question that has plagued most new high school graduates: What now? Wandering into a neighborhood drug…
In February 1963 we noted that no picture story provided a bigger kick (for our readers and ourself) than the Playmate Holiday House Party in our Eighth Anniversary issue. Following a full dozen of Playboy
GOOD SKATE  a Nordic charmer warms the wintry scene     Norway, a frosty land of fjords and folklore, has long evoked superlatives from fanciers of natural scenic beauty. Ideally illustrating the wisdom of such prais…
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Beaumont, Texas, isn
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We were in Phoenix, cruising in Patty Duffek
Martha Smith is trying to sort things out. Should she go to school and take classes in film? Should she simply show up in Cliafornia and try to get a sense of the best way to begin? Would it be better to stay in Detr…
A couple of years ago, Marilyn Lange (it rhymes with tang) was back in her native New Jersey and going to secretarial school. Pretty blah. Then, on a whim, she went to Hawaii - via a tour - and stopped at Waikiki, wh…
Quite frankly, I don
COUNTRY CLUB CUTIE  Miss May is a fetching fixture at million-dollar knollwood   Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, contended that wordy fellow from Stratford, but Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills,…
REAGAN FOR PLAYMATE!  the sunshine state
Seventies lady receives a load on her face
Halfway through breakfast, you remember a quotation from an old Irish wit: The woman has at least a dozen pasts, and they all fit. Christina Ferguson understands the reference. She is an Air Force brat. She is fresh,…
RARA AVIS  November Playmate Avis Kimble is a well-constructed nonconformist     While Chicago is touted as a convention city, we
Beautiful sixties housewifes showing their natural body
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